What to bring?

What should you bring to Amerada?

There are cabins and beds with mattresses: but it is a camp.
I recommend an air mattress personally
Sleeping bag/blanket
(You may tent if you like and want more privacy)
Flash light
Sun screen
Bug spray
Bathing suit
Soap and shampoo
General toiletries
Long pants & jacket at night
Lawn Chair
Flip flops
We’ll have Cups but I recommend a mug
Sense of humor
Amerada Trophies (annual)

Provided by us:
beer, soda, cheap wine,
Hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks, corn, potatoes, salads, etc
Chips and Dips, cookies, brownies etc

If you require anything special or have requests.
E-mail us info@jciamerada.com.

Beer preferences, chips, snacks etc


2 comments on “What to bring?

  1. Hi Dave –
    just a reminder that I am allergic to all artificial sweeteners. so please make sure there is NON-Diet pop available.
    I prefer Schweppes Ginger ale, but will drink Pepsi, 7-up, Water, etc. I will bring my own tea bags as long as I can get some boiling water for the morning. Should I bring Cream and Sugar?

    Other than that – I have tons of camp gear – anything else you would like me to bring? Call or e-mail me….

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