What Is Amerada?

Amerada is the 2nd Longest Running JCI Event
 My best description is that it is summer camp for adults that takes place the 2nd weekend in September (for 55 years).
This event is an adult only event – We adore kids but this weekend is not an event to take them to.

If you check out the competitions page you’ll get a fairly good idea about what the weekend consists of. It is a series of friendly competitions and fellowship between the Canadian and United States Jaycees. You do not have to be a Jaycee but you must be invited by a current or past member of the Junior Chamber.

Amerada is almost free, but not quite…

See the It’s almost free Page   

This years Amerada will be held at Camp Nazareth in Woodgate NY
 It starts Friday evening with check in and a shot of some adult beverage, catching up with friends around a warming fire and registering for the upcoming weekend.  
The price includes: 
 Your Lodging for 2 nights – Meals and snacks for the weekend  – Soft and hard drinks – Fun and Memories you’ll talk about for years

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