Amerada Recap

I’m on the road to Michigan, no not campaigning, headed across NY and through Canada on my way to Amerada 2012. I look forward to meeting up with long time friends and new Jaycees attending the 2nd longest running JCI event. This will be my 7th Amerada and the long drive should be well worth the effort. if you’ve never attended an Amerada you are missing one of the most interesting Jaycees events where Friendship is International.
While we missed our friends from Connecticut this year we met 21 Amerada Newbies from Michigan. Which ultimately was the reason we held Amerada out of its normal Northeast locations. The longevity of the event needed to be renewed and introducing this tradition to a new group of Jaycees was essential to keeping Amerada a viable event. These new attendees were fierce competitors but the 1st event Friday night, Texas Holdem would be swiftly won by Billy from Canada. The 2nd and far more skilled event, Pancake eating was a battle to the plate. Long time reigning champ, myself, Dave Stern, was upset by the easy going, “I’m just here to eat a pancake” Mel Robinson from NY and the games we’re tied between the two countries. The 3rd event was Volleyball, the Canadian, Michigan, NY Team defeated the US, Michigan, NY team and our northern neighbors took a lead. With Horse Shoes next, a mix of NY, Kramit and Michigan, Pickel took home gold tying up the medal count. Pickle eating, was easily won by Dave Stern, defending Champion. Then came Potato Humpin’ an unknown Ladybird from Michigan Humped to victory doubling the US lead. Arm wrestling the US only competed and Age beat out youth as NY/Missouri Senator Kramit Kramer took it over the top to win big. Woman’s Arm wrestling was won by Police officer Jen, from Michigan hands down. The kings sport of Keg Rolling was fast and furious and the Canadian team rolled into the victory lane again. Sexy Legs, a new contest objectifying both men and women, Beth from Michigan with her tattooed foot claimed victory and then Dave Holmes from Canada won for the men. Hairy Chest contest there was a clear winner from Michigan native, Maverick the Police German Shepard but he was disqualified for not being Human. So the runner up from Michigan, Jay Johnson took the top honor. Beer Pong took us under the tent for some Fun with cups and balls. The Michigan team of Jessi and Jen, aka, The Big T@&ftted B@&%#es were the favorites to win with their ball handling skills and provocative distractions. But a couple of NY Senators who claim not to have played this sport, grabbed their Ping Pong Balls, ignored the grinding and sunk their balls into the girls cups over and over again. Victory was sweet for John Tyo and Duane Niemi and they took home matching trophies. Belching Contest I forgot who won but it was a gas. Finally the Sad Sack award was shared by a husband and wife team. The Sad Sack award goes out to the Person(s) who either do the most amazing or most stupid thing over the weekend. We are still waiting to give it out to someone who did something amazing. Billy and Jessica, Canadians, shared the honor this year. Billy for going into the wrong cabin at 4 am and mistaking someone’s (male) posterior for his wife’s posterior so he thought he was in the right cabin. Jessica drove down to Volley Ball/Horse Shoes and locked her keys in her car. This in itself wouldn’t qualify, that could happen to anyone. But after asking everyone if they had a coat hanger and almost calling AAA, we found a coat hanger and went to try to unlock the door, discovering the passenger window was open.
Awards were given out, hugs and hand shakes exchanged and the next Amerada #57 will be in Brandtford Canada. for more details.

Amerada 2012

What an amazing time in Michigan. Kendra and Doreen put on a great event. 21 1st timers who promised not only to return next year, but to bring more 1st timers to Brantford Canada for Amerada 2013.





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