Hello JAYCEES and Friends of Jaycees…

5-3-2010 – The location is great – a beautiful Lake and the facilities will work no matter the weather with indoor and outdoor venues – I will have a registration form soon. Prices have been posted to the almost free page.  We also have a way for your visit to Amerada will be FREE!!!

To promote Amerada and build its attendance back up we are offering a special incentive – Bring a Newbie to Amerada and get $10 off your registration price – Register early and bring 10 Newbies and your registration is FREE… Damn  that is amazing, so start recruiting friends and relatives.

5-2-2010 We are headed to Camp Nazareth in a few minutes to scope the camp to ensure it is the best place to have Amerada 2010. 

We are making the plans for Amerada 2010 – It will be September 10th-12th 2010 in NY at Camp Nazareth – Hosted by JCI Saratoga Springs and supported by the NYS JCI Senate.

Details coming soon – It’s in THE USA for 2010..

The registration form will be out soon…

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